Yu will find here my courses about various subjects.

Customer Service Excellence – from customers to operations

How to deal with dissatisfied and angry customers and create a human and excellent service.

In this course Customer Service Excellence, you will learn not only what’s an excellent customer service and learn and see new unique and amazing tools and frameworks, but also how to shape your own customer services guidelines and also how to create strategies that fit perfectly to your business and customers, so you can achieve an excellent service.

What’s in it:

  1. Ten unique downloadable tools, ready to print
  2. There are almost 70 lessons, short and straight to the point
  3. More than 6 hours of content: the most complete course on Udemy
  4. It’s proven to be successful: it was built upon a face-to-face course
  5. Ten exercises with feedback given within 48 hours
  6. Watch it whenever you want and in the order you like
  7. 10 sections covering customer services from A to Z
  8. Support and interaction with the instructor
  9. Lifetime acess to the content
  10. Certificate of conclusion

Complete Event Planning and Organization course

How to plan and design your event plan so you ACHIEVE your GOALS

Welcome to my course EVENT PLANNING AND ORGANIZATION, where you will finally learn how to become the pro event organizer I wish I knew I could be when I started organizing events!

I’ll reveal all my secrets during this course and frameworks that I have created along the years – I am swearing to you. There’s no holding back. Plus, you have a 30-day guarantee or your money back 😉

What you will find on this course:

  • 5 hours of exclusive video content
  • Exercises: multiple choices and open-ended questions to which I’ll personally provide feedback
  • 11 unique tools and frameworks: with printable PDFs files, spreadsheet templates and instructional videos on how to use them!
  • Your instructor is a certified Instructional Designer by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a face-to-face instructor here in Brazil. I’m also an Udemy instructor for the past 3 years, with over 300 students!

Event Planning and Organization Course: 8 Tools for you!

8 tools to make your event organization more efficient!

Over these 10 years as an event manager and producer and 4 years of being an instructor (both here at Udemy and in face-to-face course), I have developed tools to make my team more manageable, my tools more didatic and my life as an event organizer easier. And here am I sharing with you for free!

I have a course on event organization as wel, but thought it would be cool to make these tools widely accessible, so more people can have these unique tools at their disposal when they are planning and organizing their events, be it corporate, fairs, educational or social events!