Hello there, everyone!

I’m Ivan Chagas!

I create educational content about how you can become a polymath.

I’m an event organizer since 2011, instructor for the last 4 years, both online and in-person, certified as Instructional Designer by University of Illinois-Champaign Urbana, had an event company, worked as Head of Education in a school with 5,000+ students/year and now I opened the School of Polymaths to share more about this idea with the world.

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What you will find here:

I have this ambition of creating a platform for us to talk about how to become a more complete professional, what’s also called a T-shaped professional or a polymath, so we all can see our purposes fulfilled and extract the best of us.

I aim to do that by creating didactic content, covering the most diverse areas. It has explanatory videos, blog texts, tools for you to use alone or with your team and complete courses for you to improve yourself.

My personal recommendation for you to start:

The different types of intelligences

The different types of intelligences

Learn about what are the different types of intelligences a person can have according to two researches, so you can better understand it and choose one for yourself.

What is a polymath and why become one?

What is a polymath and why become one?

If you are discovering what is a polymath (or what a T-shaped professional is), we will cover here what and why to become a polymath professional.

 If you would like to understand how you can contribute to this page or just wanna say hi, feel invited and welcomed to write to me at ivan(@)ivanchagasp.com.br or on Linkedin.


Always look both ways. See you in the future!